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The Grand Room

Fuma’s Grand Room offers patrons with the perfect environment to relax and enjoy their fine cigars and drinks. The high ceilings and filtered, air created a preferred environment for you to enjoy your specific brand of cigar while at the same time, providing a comfortable experience for your non-smoking guests. Soft jazz and the occasional live musician help fill the room and complete the experience. An attentive staff provides table service while you sit back and socialize with your friends.


Semi-Private Areas


The Tux

For larger groups, The Tux offers the sophisticated look and feel of black leather and chrome. It also includes its own 50" flat screen TV that can be used to show the game or for casual presentations.

  • Seats up to 16 (10 minimum)
  • Dedicated server (if reserved 48 hours in advance)


The Embers

For medium-sized groups, the Embers offers a fiery atmosphere. Red, red, red - love seats and chairs. Even the lighting in this area is designed to add to the ambiance.

  • Seats up to 8 (6 minimum)
  • Dedicated server (if reserved 48 hours in advance)



Club Member Cigar Lockers

Available only for annual Fuma VIP members, each locker is large enough to hold several boxes of your favorite cigars in a secure, controlled and monitored environment. There are a total of 40 lockers located in the Fuma Grand Room. Become a Fuma Social Club Member to reserve your locker today before they are all gone.


Cigar and cigar lounge etiquette


1. Hold the cigar in your hand however it feels natural. At Fuma, it’s all about enjoying yourself.


2. Go over the basics of cutting and lighting your cigar before doing so and should you have any questions or hesitation, we would be more than happy to help you.


3. Graciously accept a gifted cigar, and be sure to return the favor at some point.


4. Pace yourself – enjoy your smoke, drink, and the company around you.


5. Keep your ashes in the bowl, and off the furniture and floor but if you happen to drop your ash, by all means, do not panic. It’s all good.



1. Be afraid to ask for help selecting, cutting or lighting your cigar. We’d be more than happy to take care of that for you.


2. Stub out your cigar like a cigarette. Trust us – it stinks.


3. Cut off too much. Check out these pointers first.


4. Smoke like a chimney. Thanks to our fancy tabletop alert system, you won’t need send smoke signals to get a server’s attention.


5. Lick the cap of your cigar, especially before using the community cutter.


6. Lick the entire cigar. Seriously…just don’t.


7. Mooch. How did you get in here anyway?

Smoke cigarettes, cloves, or pipes. Just cigars please!